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West Bengal Govt. organizes Bengal Global Business Summit from 20th January – 21st January 2017
Procurement, Construction and Commissioning for Renovation & Modernization of Milan Mela Complex in Kolkata, West Bengal, India
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Welcome to West Bengal Trade Promotion Organisation. WBTPO is the premier agency of the West Bengal State’s Commerce and Industries Department to promote trade, commerce and services for overall economic development across the state. It is a joint venture of West Bengal Industrial Development corporation (WBIDC) and Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC). WBTPO is committed to building enduring partnerships to create, manage, develop and build a platform for organising national and international exhibitions, conferences, business meets with allied public utilities and social infrastructure.

Our Facilities

Exhibition and conference complex

Well Landscaped grounds

Open air amphitheatre

Open air parking for cars

Four large Multi functional halls

Well designed gate complex

Food court with attached kitchen

Power back up

The West Bengal Trade Promotion Organisation: Homepage

Welcome to the official website of the West Bengal Trade Promotion Organisation, the agency behind all the trade and commerce fairs in Kolkata, India. Here, you will find updates and the latest news about upcoming events in the fields of business, art, culture, and more. 

Our agency aims to promote ventures, whether small or large, by giving clients and guests opportunities for building new and stronger relationships. Our main convention centre, the Milan Mela, is our pride and joy. Some of the world’s largest expos and trade fairs are hosted by our hard-working team.

As an offshoot of West Bengal’s Commerce and Industries Department, we are dedicated to creating avenues for aspiring entrepreneurs as they contribute to the overall economic development across the region. Our partners include the West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation and the Kolkata Municipal Corporation. 

All of our ventures are aimed towards bringing our mission and vision to life. We are grateful for all of our partners who have contributed to creating better platforms in the name of trade and commerce. 

Our facilities are among the best in the country. We have 4 halls, all designed for a wide range of exhibitions and conferences on both a national and international scale. Our grounds are well-maintained and secured, making the complex a safe and conducive space for all participants. 

We also have a large food court with a fully-functional kitchen reserved for special events that require catering services. Food festivals are quite popular around the country and many chefs and business owners come to our doors to present a diverse range of dishes. 

One of our most prized events in the Kolkata International Book Fair which is held every year. We receive over 2 million guests from all over the world! There is no doubt that it is known as the world’s biggest non-trade book fair and people from all backgrounds and ages flock our halls to take part in the experience. 

Our open-air theatre is also sought after by entertainment companies. We offer high-end equipment, 2 dressing rooms, and a skilled team of security guards to ensure that all parties involved are safe. Private parking is also available upon request. 

West Bengal Trade Promotion Organisation takes pride in the success of many of our hosted events. Our services are trusted by hundreds of acclaimed business owners and patrons. Rest assured that when you work with us, you will not be disappointed. 

If you have any questions regarding our terms and conditions, we will be happy to attend to your concerns once you get in touch with us. For more details about bookings and sales enquiry, kindly visit our contacts page. Our online gallery is available for your reference. Should you have any special requests on certain areas of the complex, please feel free to contact our customer service team. 

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