WBTPO: A planner’s checklist for exhibitions

Most exhibitions can be classified into two different categories which are trade and consumer exhibitions. The former refers to those discussions that are meant to help meet the needs of a country and is limited to only the professionals that are from this field. Meanwhile, the latter is the opposite because it’s a collaboration of different industries that is open to the general public. It is also a great way to showcase your products to potential consumers.

On the other hand, hosting an exhibition requires a lot of effort and time to put together all the needed factors for the event. Here are some considerations you need to keep in mind when preparing for one:

Choose a relevant theme

Regardless of what kind of exhibition you will hold, it is important to choose a suitable theme for it. This could range from serious discussions about world issues to presenting new products to the market. It is important to have a theme so that all the designs and overall set-up of the event can appear aligned with each other, rather than seeming out of place and random. An example theme that is relevant to the generation today is a go for green and sustainability drive that focuses on showcasing items that can help the environment.

Pick the best venue

After planning out your theme and the initial preparations for your exhibition, you would need the perfect venue that can cater for your chosen audience. A great option is the West Bengal Trade Promotion Organisation (WBTPO) which is a premier agency with various services including events venues. We have various facilities that are fit for exhibitions, especially for large gatherings. Contact us through our website for more details about this.

Know your participants

When selecting a great venue, you also need to consider the number of your participants. By having a rough idea of their approximate figure, you would be able to decide on the most suitable location to hold your event. Also, it helps to know more about your audiences like their preferences and things that could hold their interest during the exhibition. This is important because it can increase your attendees and make them want to stay throughout the showcase.

Prepare the best lighting and sound

Before and during your exhibition, you need to check your lighting and sound equipment regularly. The place has to be well-lit so people can easily see their way around especially if there are different kiosks up for display. For the sound, it is important to have background music while everyone is looking around the place to maintain a harmonious atmosphere. When it comes to the choice of song, research the most trending music in the particular age group of your audience so you can play tunes that resonate with them.

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