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West Bengal Trade Promotion Organisation

Milan Mela
7, JBS Haldane Avenue,
Kolkata 700088
(at the Park Circus – E M Byepass connector)

Phone: 70444444454
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Fair Ground

Milan Mela
5, JBS Haldane Avenue,
Kolkata 700088
(at the Park Circus – E M Byepass connector)

Phone: 70444444454

Contact Persons for Booking and Details :

Ms S Ganguly
Phone: 9433387788

The West Bengal Trade Promotion Organisation: Contact Us

Do you have any concerns about our services? The West Bengal Trade Promotion Organisation team is here to help you! Let us know how we can better serve you by getting in touch with our customer support services. 

We always look forward to both new and old clients who are looking to expand their horizons in the fields of trade and commerce. Entertainment and educational events are always something many people across the country get excited about. With events this big, there is no doubt that our clients will need all the help they can get. 

When it comes to high-quality service, our team always makes sure that in everything that we do, the standards of excellence are met. We aim to meet the needs of both our clients and guests who flock to our complex grounds in search of something grand. 

Our facilities are always up to date with the latest maintenance and cleaning technology. Should any of our patrons find a problem with any of our equipment, please feel free to contact our staff and they will make the necessary repairs or adjustments. 

Our security staff are well-trained and skilled in making sure all parties within our premises are safe and secure. We have rules and regulations set in place to ensure that everyone is having a fair good time. Should you have any concerns regarding our security measures, our customer support system will shortly attend to them. 

Your feedback is always welcome. In fact, it’s one of the most important things that help us improve our services. If you encounter any problems or have anything to say about your experience with us so far, kindly let us know and we will be happy to serve you better the next time. 

You can reach us through our online portal form below or through our hotline. For faster inquiry, kindly fill out the form below:

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For arts and culture events, we look forward to meeting and working with patrons who want to showcase their collections. Our team has a specific protocol for those who need to display their work in our facilities. We put an insurance policy in place to ensure that all parties involved and their belongings are accounted for. 

Booth vendors must provide their own transaction devices and transportation. Cash or card payments can be done within our complex but sellers must inform our management of any such activity prior to the event. Sponsors may discuss package promos with our management for proper ad placements. 

Free samples can be given so long as they meet our stall requirements. Please get in touch with our staff for more details. We look forward to working with you soon! 

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