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Milan Mela Complex
Milan Mela Complex
Milan Mela Complex


Milan Mela is East India’s premier International Exhibition-cum-Conference Facility. Spread across 18.40 acres, it is strategically located at 3,JBS Haldane Avenue near the cross-section between EM Bypass and Park Circus Connector next to ITC Hotel and opposite Science City.  It offers its exhibitors well developed and landscaped space, both covered and open,  along with adequate parking facilities, dedicated conference and office facility  for conduct of small and large scale amenities.

Conventions & Exhibitions (Trade expo and Consumer expo) Milan Mela had been holding a range of exhibitions and conferences in the last two years such as the Kolkata Book Fair, India Industrial Trade fair, Handicrafts and Handloom Fairs. Other events include sectors such engineering, auto, education, Electronics, IT hardware, Softwares, furniture, medical, energy, tourism, biotechnology, food processing, agriculture, textiles, printing, logistics and material handling, industrial automation etc Be it a meeting, team-building exercises, seminar, national and international conference or networking events, Milan Mela is poised to serve all purposes.

Book a facility or group it together for hosting your event

4 Halls with provision for AC

The 4 halls with provision for AC measuring 1183.5 sq. mt. each can be booked individually/jointly for exhibiting products, inaugural/other events.

Conference Facility

The new office-cum-conference facility offers a 460 sq. mt. facility with office space of 230 and a conference hall for seating 80 persons and VIP rooms and other utilities overlooking the landscaped Phase-II with separate entrance from the Park Circus Connector with adequate parking facilities provides an ideal location for meetings, conferences, launch of products etc.

Food Court

Milan Mela allows you to utilise the Food Court and its space for outdoor events other to host banquets, themed events, receptions, as well as award presentations.
This includes space for 1 restaurant/other purpose over 232 with seating capacity of 96 persons with kitchen and 5 nos. food counters and an open paved area of 400 sq mt.

Open Air Theatre

Organise events, theatre, musical shows in the Open Air Theatre spread over 567 sq. mt. with a stage, 2 dressing rooms, and seating capacity of over 250 people.

Phase-I open area

Use the 26,383 sq. mt. of paved area for fairs/exhibitions and other events.

Phase-II open area

A large landscaped area with developed plots with underground power distribution network with a serpentine pathway running across the 26,700 sq. mt. With water bodies interspersed across the paved expanse,space for 9 food kiosks, public utilities, motorable roads criss-crossing it, use it for fairs, exhibitions, events etc.

The West Bengal Trade Promotion Organisation: Overview

For many years, the Milan Mela has been East India’s central hub for all things trade and commerce. We at the West Bengal Trade Promotion Organisation aim to provide people with avenues for exposure. 

Our main goals are deeply rooted in the promotion of different industries such as art, culture, commerce, and more through maintaining a good fair complex in the city. We manage and organize trade fairs and conferences on national and international levels. Our team also reaches out to wider audiences by giving people a safe and conducive place for expression. 

We host events dedicated to supporting the local art and music scene. When clients come to work with us at a conference or exhibition, we make sure that they get all the vital resources and materials they need. Milan Mela is the central hub where artists and business owners can showcase their products and services to a wider audience. 

Our facilities are designed to fully support the proper display of handicraft items and heavy machinery. No matter what our clients bring to our doors, we always welcome them with a smile. We always look forward to working with a wide range of people and our team does their best to give them the best experience possible. 

The West Bengal Trade Promotion Organisation was created by the Commerce and Industries sector to further carry out the means for bringing trade, commerce, and business opportunities to a wide range of people from all backgrounds. 


Since its establishment in 2008, the Milan Mela has housed important events for the people of West Bengal. We believe that it would further cement the state’s network with other sectors across the country and even around the world. 

Our conference facilities are equipped with the best power distribution networks to provide guests and clients alike with comfort and convenience. Our large halls are built to sustain various types of showcasing equipment. Guests will never run out of things to do once they’ve arrived. 

Some of the biggest events the complex has ever hosted were the India International Travel Mart, Holi Milan Mela, the Kolkata International Book Fair, and more. Not only do we invite different sectors to showcase their products and services but we also invite people to celebrate some of the country’s most coveted festivals. Check out some of the most vibrant festivals that we celebrate across West Bengal:

Festivals in Kolkata

One of the things the people of West Bengal love to do is to celebrate our national festivals. This is one way for us to connect with our roots and centuries-old culture. Take a look at some of the most popular festivals in the state below:

  1. Bengali New Year

The people of Kolkata base the start of a new year on the Bangabda lunar calendar. Here, homeowners often greet guests with a wide range of sweet treats. Most of the establishments around the city are decorated with colourful garlands made of marigold flowers. 

Many people flock temples to pay their respects to the gods for good fortune and luck. Business owners offer treats and other sweet delights to their customers as it is customary during the festive season. Many programmes are hosted by various sectors as a way for people to convene and join the fun. 

  1. Durga Puja

This is perhaps the most awaited festival in all of West Bengal. It honours Durga, the ten-armed goddess who represents the triumph of good over evil. The festive spirit usually lasts for 10 days accompanied with a fasting period, worship ceremonies, and a feast. 

Towards the end of the festivities, people put up elaborate art events and carnivals where tourists or spectators from around the world can join in. Even if the festival is deeply rooted in religion, devotees have expanded towards a more vibrant spirit in honour of the goddess. 

Participants are free to roam around and enjoy the music as they stroll down the city streets that are decorated with bright lights and neon colours.

  1. Diwali 

Another famous festival in all of India is Diwali, a period of which was dominantly celebrated by the people of the northern regions in the country. Many people consider it to be the second-largest festival just after the Durga Puja. 

This time around, another goddess named Kali is honoured in homes and temples across the West Bengal state. Residents clad their floors and streets with small oil lamps that are dipped in ghee and held by clay pots called diyas. Kids often light firecrackers in the streets as a way to celebrate during the festival. 

To honour the religious aspect of the event, devotees flock temples to offer prayers and sometimes animal sacrifices. The festival is also an ode to sibling love where brothers and sisters offer each other gifts as a way to honour their bond in the family. 

  1. Holi

If you are in a colourful mood, this lively festival is something you don’t want to miss out on. The Holi festival is celebrated during spring and people start the festivities by burning a Holika bonfire the night before the actual festival. 

You might be familiar with colour runs or parties where people throw coloured powder to the sky or even at each other. These are loosely based on the actual festivities during Holi season where residents sprinkle or throw coloured water balloons at each other. Don’t worry, they don’t stain your clothes so get drenched as much as you want!

  1. Saraswati Puja

This festival is dedicated to the arts and culture of India. Scholars, artists, and teachers worship Saraswati, the goddess of learning. Across various regions in the country, people often celebrate this period for the arrival of spring. Many students exchange sweet nothings or head over to temples for worship. 

Other regions declare it as a holiday where people can spend their time flocking temples, make offerings, or pray. People wear bright colours, often yellow or, to commemorate the festive spirit. Rice is coloured with saffron to bring out good fortune and luck to the people they give it to. 

All in all, the Saraswati Puja is a wholesome and loving event that people of all ages enjoy celebrating. You will find many young artists write poetry, draw sketches, or even create music together during this period. If you love music, art, and learning, this festival is surely something you don’t want to miss out on! 

Cultural and art festivals or fairs

Milan Mela is a hotspot for the biggest and most vibrant fairs that celebrate arts and culture. Take a look at some of the best-known festivals below:

  1. The Kolkata International Book Fair

Also fondly known as the ‘Kolkata Boi Mela’, this fair is considered to be the biggest annual book fair in the world as in all of Asia. We take pride in being the trusted host of this prestigious event where over 2 million people visit every year! 

This fair calls for the celebration of literature, art, and music. People from all over the world flock to Milan Mela to take part in the celebration. The fair consists of a whopping 600 stalls, a mini Montmartre section for painters and poets, as well as guest speakers from some of the most esteemed publishing houses and authors in the world. 

  1. The Kolkata International Cinema Festival

India is home to one of the largest showbiz and film industries in the world, beating Hollywood in the number of releases every year! The people of West Bengal love cinema and honour their fascination with it through an annual screening of some of the best films at the Kolkata International Cinema Festival. 

The whole event is partnered with the International Federation of Film Producers’ Association in Paris. If you love blockbusters or independent gems, make sure to book your tickets and fly out here! 

  1. National Children’s Theatre Festival

Held in the first week of June every year, this festival aims to promote and support the growing interest of children in theatre. Groups of acclaimed actors from both India and abroad are invited to perform during the event. 

The festival is co-hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Information and the Ministry of Transport and Sports. 

  1. Aahare Bangla

Foodies will hate to miss out on this exotic food festival! With a wide range of traditional Bengali dishes to be served across various stalls, guests will never run out of new things to try! The festival aims to celebrate the diverse culinary culture of the state as well as the whole country. 

People are met with a selection of local and imported produce all prepared by a team of chefs from renowned restaurants in the country. People enjoy great meals at an affordable price! If you are looking for a little more thrill when it comes to flavour, this is the place to go! 

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