The West Bengal Trade Promotion Organisation takes pride in the many events hosted in the Milan Mela, Kolkata’s main convention centre. The facilities are always maintained and up to date with the latest equipment. Our team ensures that all of the halls are safe and conducive spaces for exchange and trade. 

The Milan Mela complex is East India’s gem as it stands tall amidst the Kolkata city proper. It is the primary choice for some of the biggest corporate or entertainment events where people can celebrate or convene in the name of trade and commerce. 

Exhibitors are greeted with a large space to showcase their products and services. Guests are welcome to stroll down the complex area as they inquire about the many booths inside and outside the venue. 

If you wish to book a facility or host an event at Milan Mela, please feel free to get in touch with us through our online portal or hotline. Kindly visit our website pages for more details about the fees, terms, and conditions. 


The West Bengal Trade Promotion Organisation welcomes any business owner or exhibitor to showcase its wide range of products and services within the halls of our complex. You will find that our facilities are always well-maintained and updated to fit the safety standards of the state. 

Many of our events invite guests from all over the world and we take pride in being one of the forerunners of some of the biggest fairs and expos in India and even the world. Take a look at some of our facilities below and let us know if you are interested in working with us:

  1. Milan Mela halls

We currently have 4 halls dedicated to host a wide range of events. They are equipped with high-end air conditioning units that provide a clean and comfy atmosphere no matter what time of the year. Each of our halls can be jointly booked for a period of time. 

Some of the events we have hosted can last for a week or two. While other smaller ventures usually last for a day, our halls can be individually booked for the occasion. Our halls are also available as open-air spaces for exhibits that require more adequate ventilation. 

Food and music festivals are often enjoyed outside. Many of our clients come back each year to make use of our services. Weather conditions can be properly handled with our covered courts that allow exhibitors to carry on with their exhibits. 

Our indoor facilities are designed to support large machinery and automation products that require specific heights, lengths, and temperatures during the exhibit. We also open our doors to educational fairs such as the grand Kolkata International Book Fair where millions of people flock our halls every year. 

We take pride in our facilities as they are well-equipped with the best materials possible to serve all kinds of purposes. Let our team know how we can help you reach out to your target market. 

  1. Conference halls

A lot of clients host conferences and meetings that require a more professional atmosphere as compared to the other more open exhibits that we host from time to time. Our conference halls are ready to use with a large space for business meetings and other more private corporate events. 

We give access to catering services so that they can easily serve guests from the outside. Since our conference halls are located in a different section of the complex, they offer clients and guests splendid views of the city and a private entrance to avoid any collisions with other ongoing events. 

Depending on the package our clients opt for, we offer free parking rates upon validation by a supervisor or representative during the event. Rates are adjusted according to the time and season the halls are booked. There is a limited number of parking slots available so we highly suggest surrendering a guest list upon booking a hall. 

Our team offers booth packages for larger conferences that invite several company representatives to exhibit their products and services in a single space. Since our conference halls are designed to accommodate more professional events, we have put in place a simple dress code for all guests and clients alike. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our terms and conditions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist you shortly. 

  1. Food court

You don’t have to worry about getting hungry while you stroll around our complex. Our food courts are always open to serve guests with a wide range of dishes. This is especially suited for clients who want to host food festivals, themed events, or banquets that require larger spaces for cooking. 

Since food can be prepared on the spot, our court is located in an open-air space for proper ventilation. Booths are available for rent as several clients may invite food sponsors for their event. Receptions are also welcome in our food court but we highly suggest booking in advance as slots may run out. 

Our maximum seating capacity is 96 people with a kitchen that is free to use by 5 hired chefs. Caterers that are outsourced may be subject to a corkage fee if more than 5 employees are hired to work in our kitchen. 

Tables and chairs are available for rents as well. If your chosen catering package is already inclusive of such materials, we may charge an extra fee as per our terms and conditions. Should you have any concerns regarding our policies, we will be happy to attend to them as soon as possible. 

  1. Open-air Theatre

The Milan Mela complex proudly welcomes any artist or musician to perform in our open-air theatre. Our team can work with clients in hosting musical events or concerts that require a lot of entertainment and production equipment.

Our venue is inclusive of a stage, 2 dressing rooms, and a guest capacity of over 200 people. Stage crews are welcome to discuss production plans with our team for better management. Any props or costumes that are to be stored in our dressing rooms must not be left unattended. Our team is not liable for any loss or damage of personal items for the whole duration of the event. 

Security will be provided by both the management and the client. Lights, sounds, and media crew should always have an identity card or pass with them so that we can easily identify those who have access backstage. 

  1. Display area

For clients who wish to host art events, we have specially designed a display area that can support installations, sculptures, and large paintings. Items secured by national sectors must never be left unsupervised. We highly suggest contacting our staff to ensure that all valuable items are properly stored and installed in our premises. 

Booths are always ready to be rented by art dealers who wish to sell their collections to potential customers. Depending on how big the event is, we may provide chairs and tables that suit your needs. 

Rest assured that our display facilities are well-lit and maintained with the right temperatures and climate for the painting or artworks. Should any damage be caused during the event, our team will not be liable for them. We highly suggest contacting our staff should you have any concerns. 

Other features

Milan Mela complex is packed with features that provide guests and clients comfort and ease. Take a look at some of our other facilities that you may find upon your arrival:

  1. Tourist lounge

We host many international expos that are visited by foreign tourists from all over the world. This is why we have a lounge specifically designed to help guide our foreign guests with the necessary details and info about the city. 

We also provide language translation services should there be a need for it. Transaction methods can be dealt with through added assistance by our team. Transportation in accommodation can be provided upon request. Clients with disabilities are given top priority by our staff. 

  1. Children’s zone

For adults bringing children with them, we have put in place a one where you can leave your children attended by our trained and skilled daycare staff. We have special rates for invited guests and promos for walk-ins. 

Slots can be reserved ahead of time. Kindly get in touch with us if you wish to opt for our daycare services on the day of your visit. Please note that we do not accept infants below the age of 3 years old. Parents are always advised to keep an eye out for their children. 

Playgrounds are also available for older children. We highly suggest bringing a guardian along with them for added supervision and protection. Meals are excluded from the fee but stalls are open nearby for guardians to purchase snacks.